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The NEWEST Takers Movie Poster

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Okay, you might wonder what’s up again with the Takers poster this time.  Well, after releasing a ‘retro’ poster of the upcoming motion picture “Takers” -starring TI, the folks over at Sony decided to release yet another version of the movie poster.  This time, they go back to the original feel: bluish, manly… and very “Takers”.  Check it out:

And look who’s back:  Chris Brown.  Seriously, we feel kinda sorry for the dude because it looks like Brown’s in the middle of some tug-of-war.  Some are in favor of him and some are not -wonder why.  Well, we still wish him luck.

But enough about Chris Brown.  Check out TI’s steez looking all cool and calm with his Cuban cigar right there.  And check the tagline.  It has been changed again to the original since everybody (at least on the internet) loathed the previous one: “It’s Only A Crime If You Get Caught”.  We couldn’t be happier about this.

Tell us, do you like this poster better than the previous version?

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One Response to “The NEWEST Takers Movie Poster”

  1. SANDMAN Says:

    Everything speaks of T.I.,the style ,artwork and HIP HOP jargon reflect the years of dedication from President and CEO of Grand Hustle. I'ii tell you a secret if you kill someone on duty they have to be your slave in the after-life. This is a quote from (TRAINING DAY).