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Takers’ New Poster: No Chris Brown?

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Okay, this is kinda weird, because we thought the whole Chris Brown debacle on whether he’s going to be included in the Takers promotional material is over. But apparently, TI’s upcoming movie has made a major change in its promo poster. Check it out and see of you can find Breezy.

Nothing? That’s because he’s not in it. Even the tagline “Everyone’s After Something” has been changed into “It’s Only A Crime If You Get Caught”. Chris Brown isn’t the only one taken out of the poster, Michael Ealy is also out of the picture. Word is, the whole change is made by the folks at Screen Gems to respond to the change of the movie’s original May 15th release date to August 20th.

We know most of you probably don’t really care as long as your King, TI is still there. Well, that’s why we post the poster anyway. LOL.

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