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T.I.’s Early Release Cancelled

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So last Wednesday we  jumped in joy because our man T.I. walked out of prison as he tweeted “The storm is over & da sun back out.” But we were so disappointed when we found out that the early release was abruptly cancelled.

Tip’s early release from an 11-month incarceration only lasted a day after he was taken back into custody Thursday after prison officials questioned his mode of transport from an Arkansas prison to an Atlanta halfway house.

Tip was originally expected to complete the last weeks of his sentence in a community center or halfway house in his hometown, Atlanta. CNN reported that Federal prison officials apparently objected T.I.’s use of a tour bus to travel from Arkansas to Georgia. It’s said that T.I. had agreed to provide his own transportation between the two locations but officials are reviewing if riding in the tour bus, escorted by several rivate SUVs violated his furlough agreement.

Steve Sadow, Tip’s lawyer told CNN:

“We are confident there was never any intent or reason to mislead or misstate the method of transportation. T.I. got on the bus in full view of BOP employees. If there was some confusion or misunderstanding surrounding the method of transportation, we hope to clear it up quickly so T.I. can return to the halfway house.”

T.I. didn’t take a tour bus for no reason. He was recording a new reality TV show to be aired by VH-1, which was announced just hours after his release. The series told a story about T.I.’s re-adjustments as a free man after being in prison for almost one year in Arkansas.

VH-1 stated:

“Viewers will get a behind-the-scenes look at the most private and personal moments of one of today’s hottest, most sought after Grammy winning artists as he is reunited with his wife and kids and thrust back into society at this crucial juncture in his life.”

T.I. will not be out of prison until end of September.  Do you think Tip’s delay to freedom was really his fault?

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4 Responses to “T.I.’s Early Release Cancelled”

  1. Swas J Says:

    Keep your head up King. Many prayers and support go out to you and your family.

  2. TRM Says:

    Hail nah!!! I heard the prison guards were takin pics with the king in front of the bus!! WTF they coulda shoulda said something then!!! The man can afford to roll like that…he's earned it so just step to the side & let a pimp roll by!! Give the man back to his wife & kids damit so he can get on wit his life & then i can get on wit mine! He inspire's me & millions of other people & we (his fans) need his guidence!

  3. Bruce Says:

    Love is to open doors and windows, not to build prisons. Fans coming from France

  4. Bongz Says:

    I think not because firstly the tour bus belongs to T.I.P and secondly, there was no arrangement that T.I had to be escorted "quietly" from prison…but dat dont matter, very soon the King is gonna be out