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T.I. Heads Back To Prison

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Rapper TI is paying his dues after his drug possession arrest on the Sunset Strip back in September, which caused his probation revoked by law enforcement. According to US Attorney spokesman Patrick Crosby, TI pleaded the judge to be sent to rehab:

“I want drugs out of my life. If I can get the treatment and counseling I need … I can beat this. I need help. For me, my mother, my kids, I need the court to give me mercy.”

Tip, who’s now also known as Inmate #59458-019 goes through the normal process and will share a community shower. As a prisoner, he will also be wearing a standard prison uniform: khaki trousers, khaki button down shirt and black shoes.

There’s a positive light in even the worst situation and in Tip’s case, we do hope he really learned from his mistake because the next time he takes a wrong turn, there will probably be no mercy. Speaking of which, due to his current situation, TI’s new album “King Uncaged” was newly renamed into “No Mercy”.

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One Response to “T.I. Heads Back To Prison”

  1. delilah Says:

    i think they should let ti out or show him mercy forsho for his family and his fans cmon at least hes offering counsling