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Swagga Like Us! Name your Top Picks? TI, Jim Jones, Jay-z etc.

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As you all know it was a lot of controversy over the track “Swagga Like Us” from TI’s latest Album “Paper Trail” because of the artist on the track, which featured Jay-Z, Kanye, TI, and Lil Wayne.

Jim Jones had a few words to say about TI and the others that were on the track and how some of them have no swag and he belonged on the track. He felt strong about his words and went ahead and made a remix of the song featuring himself, Lil Wayne, Noe and Twista.

So why not let the fans speak on the issue so we can settle this once for all. 

Who are your top Five Rappers when it comes to swagger and over all style? (I will start off with my top picks in the comment area)

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21 Responses to “Swagga Like Us! Name your Top Picks? TI, Jim Jones, Jay-z etc.”

  1. admin Says:

    1.Fabolous (over all style)
    2.TI (when he on the grown men ish)
    3.Juelz Santana (crazy swagg)
    4.Jim Jones (cool swagg)
    5.Fat Joe (mean sneaker/hat game)

  2. D.A Says:

    I. Lil Wayne

    II.50 Cent


    IV. Jay-Z

    V. Kanye West

  3. Field' Dealee Says:

    1.Bird Man…He’s da number 1 stunna.
    2. T.I./T.I.P…versitility wit fashion and speaking abilty {It’s more to swagg than ice and cloths}.
    3.Jay-Z… Da all around business swag and up scale taste.
    4.Camron… Street swag at it’s finest.
    5.Mr. Bently… His swag just got its own lane.

  4. F.R.E.S.H Says:

    1. T.I.
    2. Young Dro
    3. Fabolous
    4. Jay-Z
    5. ME
    All my dudes from down south come with they own unique way of dress, even Andre 3 stacks dared you to ride his wave and he held it on his own. Jim Jones look kinda dirty and shyt, so I dont fukk wit him to much on clothes and swag. Dro probably the cleanest to come out though, the color schemes and reptiles be on point, Tip be aight too, cept for them lil ass suits, I know they designer Purple Label and all, leave that to them white folk though Tip.

  5. Samantha Says:


  6. Eric Says:

    1) P.Diddy

    2) Jay-Z

    3) T.I.P

    4) LiL Wayne

    5) Kanye West

  7. D.A. Says:

    1) Jay-Z

    2) Kanye

    3) T.I.

    4) Notorious B.I.G.

    5) Big Boi/ Andre 3000

  8. Viity Says:

    1) T.I.
    2) T.I.
    3) T.I.
    4) T.I.
    5) T.I.
    is the best rapper

  9. conor Says:

    1) outcast ( crazy creative swag )

    2)diddy (the king he has got the fashion down )

    3)T.I ( the all round street and fashion)

    4)T pain ( again crazy swag )

    5)lil wayne ( well its weezy )

  10. dee Says:

    2.Young Dro
    3.Young Jeezy
    4.Andre 3k
    5.Lil Wayne

  11. bre Says:

    T.I (My Number one swagga on a 100)

    LiL wayne (killer swagg)

    young jeezy (on point)


    2pac (rip dat man awsome swagg)

  12. Clad Says:

    1. Jay-Z
    2. T. I.
    3. Lil Wayne
    4. Andre 3000
    5. Kanye West

  13. Ian S. Says:

    1.Jim Jones(white boy)
    2.Juelz Santana(skull head)
    3.T.I.(college boy)
    4.Nas(grown man)

  14. Jameson Says:






  15. Edward.V Says:

    Jim Jones has to first get a brain transplant of Bill Gates’ brain then when his money stakes start flying high we can count him on do top 5 rappers with swag.Swag comes with money,Jim Jones ain’t got money so stop talkin shit about my favourite rapper-T.I. Jim Jones get your dress code straight,you can’t dress man,honestly how can u say you got swag,when dress like MC Hammer when we in 2008 baby. T.I plis drop 89bars dissing Jim Jones Or Wacky Jim Jones

  16. J.Frye Says:

    1. T.I Swagg- whatever he likes (no homo)..his own style (WORLD CLASS SWAGG).

    2. Kanye Swagg- more like on a hundred THOUSAND..all I can say is its KANYE’S SWAGG (GENIUS).

    3. Jay Swagg- Montecristo in hand..lookin’ like 50 million bucks (grown man sh*t).

    4. Wayne Swagg- its ok..its nothin I don’t EVERYDAY (he is 1 of the best rappers ALIVE).

    5. I would only add one something to the track which is..Mr. Andre 3thou; now he has one PRICELESS ass $WAGG!! ((HE ISSSS…THEE..BEST RAPPERS ALIVE: MERKIN WAYNE AT THAT))

  17. ByrdGangMoney Says:

    Hands down Jim Jones….Don’t matter how many or how few records he sold. This dude has dictated hip hop swagger for the past 2-3 years. Walk thru any hood in America and you’ll se how much influence he’s had. Took that rockstar look to a whole nother level

  18. shatina allison Says:

    1. kanye west-best swagg
    2. teyana taylor- old skool (retro)
    3. bird-gang- rockstar
    4. chris brown- white boy
    5. lil wayne- normal(plain)

  19. T.I.P Lil Mama Says:

    1. TIP
    2. TIP
    3. TIP
    4. TIP
    5. TIP


  20. jessica Says:

    i love ti

  21. mookie Says:

    1.Ti-hes verses lyrics,swagg is to real,sexy ass hell,king of the south he just a real nigga
    2.jay-z-broklyn finest
    3.lil wayne-crazy nigga
    4.young jeezy -kinda boring but he straight
    5.2pac-greatest of all time
    6.kanye-ugly mutherfucka but he good to