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Steal TI’s Look: AKOO Hideout Tee

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TI was spotted in NYC last week, after a rumored meeting with publishers.  Is Tip writing a book?  We’ll have to wait for more details on this.  But we don’t really have to wait to steal his style, because from the looks of it, TI might be wearing last season’s AKOO Snobby tee.  And it looks fine on him, combined with that pair of Louis Vuitton kicks.

However if you want to get a more summery look from AKOO while still having the TI swagger, this AKOO Hideout tee is a great options.  Available in three colorways, the AKOO Hideout tee is certainly a must-have this season.

AKOO Hideout Tee, $28

And although TI’s denims looked great on him, here’s an alternative for this summer’s wear.

AKOO Calm Forest Shorts, $64

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