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Positive Vibes: TI and Tiny Raised Funds For Alzheimer’s Foundation

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The shower of bad publicity lately didn’t stop TI and his wife, Tameka “Tiny” Cottle from doing positive activities, and this one in particular -we are sure, wasn’t a ‘damage control’ sort of thing, but really came from their hearts.

As you probably know from the reality show “Tiny and Toya”, Tiny’s dad, Charles Pope, suffers from the Alzheimer’s disease and Tip’s dad, Clifford Harris Sr. died from it. This made Tiny and TI felt the need to form a non-profit foundation dedicated to help finding a cure and improve the quality of care for those with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias and their families.

The foundation is called “For The Love of Our Father’s” and it’s based in Atlanta, Georgia. Back to the positive vibes sent out by Tip and Tiny, the couple held a fund raiser luncheon for the foundation last weekend. TI commented on the event:

“It’s very, very personally close to our family. And while I was, you know, while I was going through my … period of hiatus, Tameka had the idea of … starting this foundation. And I thought it was an outstanding idea.”

As per TI’s example, we’re behind every positivity and if you are too, check what the foundation is all about and how you can participate in doing good by visiting their website:

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