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Mo’Nique’s Sit-Down Session With TI: Fun Times!

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Real men wear pink, and TI showed glowing confidence in his pale pink AKOO cardigan when he visited the set of The Mo’nique Show recently.  TI talks about how a decade of career can make a man evolve, and stressed out that he’s no different than any other man doing other things.  “I just happen to do [my evolution] on TV,” he said humbly.  When asked about why he loves Atlanta so much, Tip said the most heartwarming thing, “It’s home. And you know what they say, ‘If you can’t go home, you can’t go nowhere'”  Tip also talked “a little” about his lady, Tiny, but mentioned nothing about the upcoming wedding.

We’re not really sure, so we gotta ask: is it just us or is TI looking more relaxed and less guarded with Mo’nique compared to the time he gave an interview to Wendy Williams? At one point, the interview even hit a high note and we were laughing like mad.  Mo’nique was so great with TI.

Enjoy the interview!

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