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Lil’ C: It Will Be Business As Usual While TI Is Away

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In-house producer for TI’s Grand Hustle label, Lil’ C, revealed that TI’s upcoming re-release of his album Paper Trail will be filled with a lot of new materials. And it’s going to be business as usual when he’s away. As reported by SOHH, Lil’ C stated:

“He got a lot of hot records. He got a whole ‘nother album put together. I’m not gonna spill the milk but it’s another return of the King. I don’t want to bust nobody’s bubble but it’s definitely gon’ be something that you would want to go out and purchase. You don’t want to miss no songs on the album.”

TI have mentioned that his upcoming addition to the re-release will include 5 new tracks, some of them are leaked collaboration tracks with The-Dream and Ciara. TI also has a Kanye West verse. However, the speculation and anticipation about his upcoming additional tracks to “Paper Trail” is not as high as questions surrounding his upcoming album which will be released in 2010. Tip told MTV News about his next album:

“The celebration, putting these things behind me and moving forward. Showcasing a new resilience, you know? Laughing in these suckers’ faces. I’m going to get back to some of the old elements that put me on people’s minds.”

Tip has been keeping himself busy preparing 20 new songs and he intends to veer into some subject matter similar to the material on his first album “I’m Serious”. As a true artist, TI kept himself free in writing the song with a freestyle composing style. “It depends on the type of record I’m doing. I have records now I did and I just went and did it like I used to, and I got some where I wrote it down. I’m not committing myself to one way or another. It’d have to be an infusion, just depending on what sort of album I want to make.”

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