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It’s Official: TI As Official Remy Martin Endorser

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A few days ago we delivered the news that TI will have ‘something’ with Remy Martin Cognac. Now it’s all official, the King of The South will be an official endorser of the cognac and that’s not all… Tip will also be a Global Creative Consultant for the cognac brand. The swanky title came with huge responsibilities such as: having input in the majority of Remy Martin’s lifestyle marketing campaigns which include promotions, merchandising and digital media. TI stated:

“I’ve been a fan of Rémy Martin for many years so I’m honored to be working with them as creative consultant. And now after my trip to Cognac, I admire the brand’s genius even more. I’m excited about all the possibilities of this partnership.”

TI’s co-operation with Remy Martin will help his K.I.N.G. Foundation by providing funds to the non-profit, which helps low income families through a variety of community-oriented programs. TI’s upcoming project with Remy Martin will also include a new signature blend of the cognac, which was developed by TI when he visited the company’s HQ.

Are you feelin’ TI’s new Remy Martin gig?

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