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Is Lil Wayne Jealous of TI?

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TI has been a strong supporter in his fiancee’s endeavors, and one of them is the OMG Girlz; an all-girl vocal troop formed by Tiny and Toya, which consists of Tiny’s offspring: Zonnique, Toya’s daughter: Reginae and a couple other girls. The group was doing great, until a rumor swirls on the internet about Reginae being kicked out of OMG Girlz.

Although Toya herself has done damage control and tells OMG Girlz fans that she is still good friends with Tiny who serves as group manager, the speculation of who kicked Reginae out of the group is still in the air and the latest news is:

Lil Wayne turns out to be the one who wants Reginae to be out of the group.

And the craziest thing is, it’s actually because Weezy is jealous of Reginae and TI’s relationship. It’s said that Wayne might be upset about the attention Reginae received from TI who has told her that she could have whatever she liked.

You can head on to for the details. But as true fans of the King and also Weezy, we all hope that this ‘feud’ could end and we’ll live in hip hop harmony.

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4 Responses to “Is Lil Wayne Jealous of TI?”

  1. Alan Says:

    lmao this is so dumb they are about to make an album together wow hahah

  2. marissa williams Says:

    Tiny and Toya love your show and the OMG Girlz Music.

  3. marissa williams Says:

    Tip goin real with akoo.

  4. cocoa Says:

    is tip still jail cuz i heard that tiny went to?