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Adorable Moments: TI and Fam!

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TI has been spending mucho time with his fam, and he’s even taken his family to see him work.  Tip hangs out with his two sons, Messiah and Domani, on the set of Drake’s music video for “Fancy”.

But TI isn’t always about work.  He also took the time to throw his fiancee, Tiny, a birthday bash at the Havana Club a few days prior.

The couple is rumored to be getting married at a secluded island soon.  No further details released about this, but it’s happening, folks.

TI posed with his Remy Martin cognac.  Looks like he’s taken his new role at the company really seriously.  Tiny looked cute too with the red jeans.  We’re so happy to see the lovebirds!


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