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Take a Peek at AKOO Clothing Brand’s ‘Holiday 2 Collection’

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Last week, AKOO Clothing Brand opened their doors to a few people to take a look at the their Holiday 2 Collection. Although nothing much is said about their upcoming collection, it appears that it will feature a handful of jackets and sweaters this time.

'Holiday 2 Collection' Preview | Official Facebook Page

‘Holiday 2 Collection’ Preview | Official Facebook Page

Whether the Holiday 2 Collection will wow us or not remains to be seen. For the mean time, keep it posted here on AKOO Clothing Line for a chance to see what’s in store for their upcoming delivery.

AKOO Fall 2 Has Finally Arrived…

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After what seemed liked months of playing with us, AKOO finally revealed its Fall 2 collection. Was it worth the wait?

As usual, AKOO doesn’t disappoint. There are a lot of promising items in the collection. We’re fans of the prominent colors running throughout the range, such as red, orange, yellow and black. These colors just scream fall and are perfect for the season whether on button-downs, crewneck sweatshirts or denim jeans.

The Fall 2 Delivery also features pieces for every look and occasion. If you’re looking for a simple logo tee and pair of blue jeans, AKOO’s got that. If you’re looking to keep warm, there are vests, jackets and hoodies in various colors and patterns. And, we can’t neglect the snapbacks. AKOO is always on point in that department. Here’s a glance in case you missed something.

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If you’ve checked out AKOO’s Fall 2 Delivery, what are your thoughts? Are you digging the collection? And, what’s your favorite item?

Images via AKOO Clothing Brand/Facebook

Gear Up For Fall With AKOO’s Streetlife Denim Jeans

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While we’re not completely out of short weather just yet, it’s almost time to put those pieces away until next year. So, you better get in on some pants before the temps take a bigger plunge. And, when it comes to pants, there’s nothing better than a fresh pair of jeans. Where can you find said jeans? AKOO, obviously.

The straight leg Streetlife Denim Jeans by Akoo are a five-pocket design with artificial distressing and a sandblast wash with a button and zipper closure. These jeans are comfortable and absolutely essential for lounging around in a pair of sneaks or hitting the town while in a sports coat.

You can snag these jeans right here for a cool $96.

Must-Cop Look: ‘Defender’ Snapback with ‘Proud Eagle’ T-shirt

Author: Albert Costill  //  Category: Akoo Clothing


We know that AKOO is about ready to drop their Fall 1 Collection any moment now, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy some of the gear that the brand currently has on sale.

One of our favorite looks is the ‘The Defender’ snapback with the ‘Proud Eagle’ tee. The snapback is a military style trucker hat with embroidered details and retails for $53. The ‘Proud Eagle’ is a cotton tee that’s available in black, white, or red and features a screen print of a bald eagle proudly looking on. The t-shirt is selling for $29.

Both products are on sale over at the AKOO Clothing Brand store, but for all your AKOO needs check out Dr. Jays. Yeah. They might have been better worn on the Fourth, this is still a hot look to rock all year long.

Image via AKOOClothingBrand/Facebook

AKOO Hints at Fall 1 Collection

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If you keep up with AKOO Clothing or T.I. on social media, like Facebook and Twitter, you may have noticed that something is going down. The brand recently changed their cover photo on FB and the background on Twitter. What could that be about?

If you keep looking, you’ll also notice that they’ve been teasing the impending Fall 1 Collection with a bunch of cryptic pics. There’s not much more info than that. Just images of several upcoming products that feature a leopard-style print. You can expect a snapback, tank and pants in the collection. It also looks like there’s something for the ladies, at least that what it looks like with a pic featuring the lovely Brittney J.

Wish there was more info to dish out, but that’s all we got for now. Stay tuned for more details, which should be soon. Fall’s gonna be here quick.

Image via AKOO / Facebook 

Ready For Fall? Sneak Peek at Akoo’s Fall Line 1

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Summer is ending soon, but it doesn’t mean you can’t bring a little heat of your own with the latest and greatest from Akoo! Get a jump on your fall gear here

akoo fall

AKOO Amigo and Shark Attack Tanks

Author: Albert Costill  //  Category: Akoo Clothing

Still on the hunt for some fresh summer gear? AKOO’s got your back. As part of the brand’s Summer 2 2013 “Good Times” collection comes a pair of tanks that you need to cop before heading out to the beach, pool or streets.

The ‘Amigo’ tank features a Hunter S. Thompson type of flamingo available in black, white or grey for $24. If you’re not feeling the pink bird, there’s also a ‘Shark Attack’ tank for $52. The tank features a couple of sharks eying up a lady in the water. It would be a perfect match with the AKOO ‘Big Fish’ snap back.

Grab your AKOO gear here.

Akoo Clothing On Sale: Sweaters, Hoodies and Tees

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A.K.O.O by rapper T.I. already has some of their fall/winter 2009 collection on sale.

Akoo Swiss Hoodie Reg. $498.00, Sale. $397.99

Akoo Mascot Sweater Reg. $136.00, Sale. $108.99

Respect My Vote Reg. $32.00, Sale. $21.99

TI Launches Akoo Clothing Brand in New York

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TI launched Akoo clothing in New York this past Friday at the Taj Lounge along with RP55 their distribution partner who is also responsible for such brands as Shmack, Azzure and Indigo Red. The night was sponsored by GIANT magazine, which TI is currently on the cover of the mag.

I actually had the chance to see AKOO in Balboa clothing store in ATL and the assortment wasn’t that broad, but what they had was good quality and I’m just awaiting the denim tops, leathers and hoodies so far all I’ve seen was denim jeans and t-shirts which included the AKOO Respect My Vote shirt.

TI Explains Akoo Clothing In Video

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TI explains the message and idea behind Akoo clothing line

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