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Black and White TI

Author: AkooEditor  //  Category: photoshoot, TI News

Right, TI Fans, here are some of outtakes from the April 2009 edition of VIBE magazine.  We’re not gonna say anything else and let the pictures speak for themselves!





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5 Responses to “Black and White TI”

  1. word up Says:

    the middle pic is alot like the pics in the booklet for jay's resonable doubt …the white scarf and cigar…… funny shit6

  2. danika Says:

    He is so damn fine. god made this man to make girls like me want to cry cuz he is sooooooooooo damn fine. THANK YOU JESUS for making menlike him

  3. danika Says:

    damn this nigga got talent and the looks fuk the nigga fine ass hell.

  4. kkk Says:

    i knoe

  5. marie Says:

    damm he is so cute