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AKOO’s ‘Cluster’ Snapback Cap—Get Yours Now

Author: Aki Libo-on  //  Category: Daily Akoo Swagger

It appears that peeps are getting their winter gear ready, as AKOO Clothing Brand recently posted on their official Facebook page that their Cluster snapback cap is fast going.

Cluster Snapback Cap by AKOO | Official Facebook Page

‘Cluster Snapback Cap’ by AKOO | Official Facebook Page

A part of their Holiday 1 Collection, this blue Cluster snapback cap features the Liger, the black Pit Bull, and AKOO embroidery patches. These embroideries make the head gear’s name appropriate for its features. Additionally, the snapback cap comes with 9Fifty sticker on the brim.

'Liger Snapback Cap' by AKOO | Dr. Jays

‘Liger Snapback Cap’ by AKOO | Dr. Jays

But in case you were unable to have your own Cluster snapback cap that costs $42, you can purchase the Liger snapback cap on Dr. Jays instead for the same price.

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