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Win Top Five Celebrity Clothing Lines (Vote) Akoo, Sean John and More

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With celebrity clothing lines popping up everyday they can’t all be good can they? No Eminem proved that with Shady Ltd clothing…lol. (In order to be notified of contest you must be a subscriber Click Here to do so 100% Free)

So with that said what are your top 5 celebrity clothing lines? Place your vote below and when we have contest we will include giveaways from your top picks and of course Akoo clothing will be the grand prize! We even have some choices in their for the ladies 😉

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5 Responses to “Win Top Five Celebrity Clothing Lines (Vote) Akoo, Sean John and More”

  1. Jarrod Harding Says:

    The Akoo clothing line is by far my favourite.Not only because I’m one of the biggest T.I.P fans but because its a very modern and stylish looking clothing line.It caters to mostly everybody in modern society,Froms teens to adulthood.Big ups to T.I. and designers

  2. Dmitriy Says:

    Отличное сочетание стиля качества комфорта и ориинальности выводит Akoo на новый уровень молодежной одежды..Надеюсь скоро доберется дистрибюция и до москвы ) ..

  3. J. Frye Says:

    When it comes to fashion I’m persnickety. Even though I am a Sean John and Rocawear consumer, I’ve NEVER anticipated ANY clothing line release as much as I have with this one. Big ups to AKOO CLOTHING BRAND. I need my hands on some of this, its gettin nippy outside!

  4. mansour Says:

    Hi i love the style and i hope i can buy it in switzerland

  5. Thomas Anderson Says:

    Thomas Says:

    Akoo clothing line is so clean man! But on the real note I really like it because it clashes prep with street. Which is my favorite style! Look at it you can go anywhere with that type of look on you because you can be at board meetings with it and then hang with your Kinfolk at the club or Go to church with it because it’s classy and also pretty neat as well, just like Lacoste or Polo. It can be with anyone and make people feel they need to respect you because you are dressing fly and you got your swagger on point because of the clothes and confindence that you may exume by wearing Akoo. Well Big ups to T.I. for making this line! Much love to all and GOD Bless!