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AKOO Spring Cargo Pants

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Cargo Pants | AKOO Official Facebook

If you have been searching for new cargo pants, then these pieces from AKOO Clothing has got you covered.

These cargo pants are part of the brand’s Spring 2014 collection, and if these are indication of the other pieces to come from their new offering, then we are expecting more sick items to come from the brand. Let it be known that these pants are dope. They are exactly what you want to wear when you step outside your home to hit the streets.

The pants have side cargo pockets and back pockets for your wallet, keys, and smartphone. The fresh fits come in sleek colors and are made from durable materials. You can score these cargo pants at AKOO’s online store.

What Is a King For You?

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What Is a King

This 2014, AKOO Clothing has launched a social media campaign by asking their fans to give them their own definition of the word “King.” This new campaign was unveiled a month after the much-anticipated release of the clothing brand’s “Book of Kings” which featured artists coming from different creative industries like fashion, film, art, and music.

For the “What is a King?” campaign, the brand asks fans to post their Instagram videos giving their own interpretation of the term “King.” AKOO Clothing is picking a winner who will get a special prize. If you are a fan of the brand, check out more details about the campaign on their official Facebook page to join the said contest.

Pick of the Day: Puppy Beanies

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If you’re living somewhere in the eastern part of the United States, you are probably experiencing the polar vortex and the below freezing temperatures that come with it. We’re assuming that you have been piling up on layers after layers of jackets, cardigans, wool sweaters. As for your headwear, ear flap hats, might be the go-to piece for most people, but if you want to stand out from the crowd, you should go for something that is cute and fun to wear like this Rescue Pup beanie in Forest Night color from AKOO Clothing. The boatload of snow that is pounding the streets is enough reason to protect your head and your tresses from the cold. Battle bad hair day with this sweater knit pom beanie. Pair it with this Feral Zip sweater, and you are good to go.

Downtown Jacket: A Denim and Fleece Mash Up

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Downtown Jacket

With the current blizzard hitting our streets because of the brutally cold polar vortex, it is nice to know that there are hoodies and sweaters on our wardrobe that we can wear in these crazy low temperatures. But if you are looking for something that will keep you warm but also not too bulky, the Downtown Jacket from AKOO Clothing should suit you well. The outerwear is an intelligent mash up of two of our favorite fabrics: denim and fleece. This jean jacket and hoodie has a denim body and fleece sleeves and hood to keep you toasty yet still comfortable in this viciously icy weather. The jacket is now available at the AKOO Clothing webstore.  Get a piece of this outerwear and pair it with this cool blizzard-inspired Snow Fight tee also from AKOO Clothing to keep you stylish during the cold weather.


AKOO Gives Back to their Fans with 12 Gifts for Christmas

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12 Days of Christmas

As a way of giving back to their community of fans and supporters, AKOO Clothing has recently launched their 12 Days of Christmas contest on their official Facebook page. The brand has been giving away prizes to their lucky fans, and for its first day, AKOO Clothing gave away four $250 gift cards for its online store. Other prizes in store for their fans include LCD TVs, signed T.I. CDs, Beats by Dre Pills, AKOO gift bags, and an Xbox One.

Another prize that a lucky fan can get from the 12 Days of Christmas promo is the highly-anticipated Book of Kings Volume 1, which has been finally launched at the brand’s event held at Pillars 37 in NYC. If you want to get your hands on these awesome prizes, go head over to their official Facebook page to see more details.

Party for a Cause: AKOO’s 3rd Annual Cans for Cocktails Event

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AKOO 3rd annual Cans for Cocktails

AKOO Clothing is jump starting this holiday season with a charity event to support the Hip-Hop Has Heart Foundation. Teaming up with the Black Public Relations Society of New York, AKOO celebrates the 3rd annual Cans for Cocktails charity event on December 9th. The event will be held from 6pm to 9pm at SLATE in New York City. If you want to be part of the event, just bring two non-perishable food items to get admission and complimentary cocktails. It would be great if you would bring more than two food items, of course. Music will be provided by Tali Gore, The Ambassador and recording artist Sebastian Mikael is their special guest. Check out AKOO Facebook for more details.

Lil Duval and Karen Civil featured in AKOO Clothing “Book of Kings” Vol. 1

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AKOO Clothing Book of Kings Vol. 1

AKOO Clothing is slowly unveiling the celebrities featured in its upcoming “Book of Kings” project. In its official Facebook page, the urban fashion brand posted a photo of Lil Duval holding a copy of the highly-anticipated book as well as a feature of Karen Civil in the “Book of Kings” Vol. 1.

AKOO Clothing Book of Kings Vol. 1

Lil Duval is a popular stand-up comic known for his MTV2 shows Guy Code and Hip Hop Squares. Karen Civil is the current Digital Marketing Manager for Beats by Dr. Dre. The two personalities are among the first celebrities known to be part of the project.

AKOO Clothing Book of Kings Vol. 1

The other celebrities featured on the image released by AKOO earlier this year include  hip hop stars T.I. and Pharrell Williams and entrepreneur Joel ’40oz Van’ Fuller. The “Book of Kings” Vol. 1, which is scheduled to debut this Fall, was first announced by AKOO Clothing on August 26th. There are no words yet on the exact release date of the said project.

Holiday 2 Knit Pom Beanie Hats

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akoo knit pom beanie hats

Akoo Clothing Brand is packing some serious heat for the cold months ahead with their upcoming Holiday 2 delivery. Take for example this preview of their knit pom beanie hats on their official Facebook page to be released along with other dope pieces from the Holiday 2 collection. These knitted pom beanies with embroidered puppy design are playful and snug and are definitely a far cry from the Blocka Flat skullies that were released a few weeks ago.

You should definitely grab a piece of these knit pom beanie hats and pair it with an equally dope shirt like this Weaker crewneck sweatshirt.

There are no words yet on the release specifics of the collection, but we will definitely give you the deets once these pieces are unveiled.

Holiday 2 Collection: Packing Some Serious Heat

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With the cold weather and Christmas season drawing near, AKOO Clothing Brand is bringing in the heat with their recent Holiday 2 Collection sneak peek.

AKOO's Holiday 2 Collection Preview | Official Facebook Page

AKOO’s Holiday 2 Collection Preview | Official Facebook Page

As previously posted, the clothing line opened their doors to a few people to take a look at their upcoming collection. Although nothing much is said with regards to the item that will be included in the collection, it appears that Holiday 2 will feature a handful of jackets and sweaters.

AKOO Clothing Brand posted on their official Facebook page a preview of apparels that will be included in the collection. It features a snapback cap, jacket, jeans, belt and a pair of socks. In addition, every item in the collection has a touch of cheddar and camouflage.

Release date for AKOO’s Holiday 2 Collection is yet to be announced. But one thing is for sure: Everyone would want to have this upcoming collection to be added in their wardrobe.

AKOO x DTLR 30th Anniversary Capsule Collection

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AKOO Clothing Brand announced last week that they have teamed up with urban fashion retailer DTLR for the latter’s 30th Anniversary Capsule Collection. As posted on AKOO’s official Facebook page, the collection is designed to commemorate the retailer for being one of the long standing leaders in the industry.

AKOO x DTLR 30th Anniversary Capsule Collection | Official Facebook Page

AKOO x DTLR 30th Anniversary Capsule Collection | Official Facebook Page

The DTLR special collection boasts AKOO’s Heavy Raglan, Adler Pom Beanie, Birch sweatpants and sweatshirt, as well as the exclusive 30th Anniversary Timberlands. On its official blog, the retailer added:

These items are moving quicker than we expected and we wouldn’t want you to miss out on our special anniversary collection. Consider these your second reminder. Each item in the collection is incredibly stylish and so darn wearable, they’ll move up to the front of your closet queue in no time.

Don’t miss on this special 30th Anniversary  capsule collection by AKOO and DTLR! Head on to the DTLR store near you.

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