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T.I. and Young Jeezy Give Back at the Yearly ‘Tis the Season for Giving’ Event

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T.I. and Young Jeezy have been spreading the holiday cheer lately as they collaborated to host the yearly ‘Tis the Season for Giving’ event held last December 20th. It was attended by more than 1,800 pre-registered children who received toys from the two famous rappers and enjoyed a night of food, prizes, bowling, skating, and arcade games. The toy drive event dedicated to celebrate Christmas early for Tip’s Atlanta community also provided the attendees with free on-site health screenings. The ‘Tis the Season for Giving’ was presented by Music Education group in collaboration with Fulton County Human Services, Metroplex, and T.I.’s Give Like a King Humanitarian Initiative. The toy drive event was also supported by Grand Hustle, The CTE Family and media partner, V-103.


Lil Duval and Karen Civil featured in AKOO Clothing “Book of Kings” Vol. 1

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AKOO Clothing Book of Kings Vol. 1

AKOO Clothing is slowly unveiling the celebrities featured in its upcoming “Book of Kings” project. In its official Facebook page, the urban fashion brand posted a photo of Lil Duval holding a copy of the highly-anticipated book as well as a feature of Karen Civil in the “Book of Kings” Vol. 1.

AKOO Clothing Book of Kings Vol. 1

Lil Duval is a popular stand-up comic known for his MTV2 shows Guy Code and Hip Hop Squares. Karen Civil is the current Digital Marketing Manager for Beats by Dr. Dre. The two personalities are among the first celebrities known to be part of the project.

AKOO Clothing Book of Kings Vol. 1

The other celebrities featured on the image released by AKOO earlier this year include  hip hop stars T.I. and Pharrell Williams and entrepreneur Joel ’40oz Van’ Fuller. The “Book of Kings” Vol. 1, which is scheduled to debut this Fall, was first announced by AKOO Clothing on August 26th. There are no words yet on the exact release date of the said project.

AKOO Gives ‘Book of Kings’ Volume 1 Preview

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Prior to its much-awaited release, AKOO Clothing Brand shared a couple of preview for their upcoming Book of Kings Volume 1. The clothing line shared behind the scene of their video shoot with Sue Tsai, as well as why Pharell Williams was one of their favorite features to shoot.

'Book of Kings' Volume 1 by AKOO | Official Facebook Page

‘Book of Kings’ Volume 1 by AKOO | Official Facebook Page

As posted on AKOO’s official Facebook page: “The Book of Kings Vol. 1 is a Limited Edition coffee table book, designed to celebrate the culture, art, music and lifestyle as well as the leaders who are leaving their mark in the space.

The book, which was launched during the Heads of State Dinner in Washington DC, featured the King of the South himself T.I., Pharell Williams, Sue Tsai, Melody Ehsani, 40 Oz Van, Jonathan Mannion, Iggy Azalea, Lil Duval, Karen Civil, Pusha T, D-Nice, Eva Bleu, and Amazin Amie.

A release date is yet to be announced, but it is best to stay tuned for a chance to get a copy of your own Book of Kings Volume 1.

AKOO Presents Howard University Homecoming Brunch

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AKOO's 'Howard University Homecoming' brunch | Official Facebook Page

AKOO’s ‘Howard University Homecoming’ brunch | Official Facebook Page

After last Thursday’s Heads of State dinner, AKOO Clothing Brand teamed up with DC’s finest for another get together last Sunday. This time, the urban clothing line presented Howard University’s Homecoming brunch at Barcode in Washington, DC.

According on the university’s website, the Howard University Homecoming “is a celebration of the institution’s rich legacy and the surrounding community that serves as the backbone of its achievement, future, and promise.” As the Capstone of African-American higher education, the university’s homecoming event is undoubtedly one of the largest and most profitable collegiate celebrations in the world.

A lot of people have definitely gone down to the party. Check them all out at AKOO Clothing Brand’s official Facebook page.

DC’s Most Influential at AKOO’s ‘Heads of State Dinner’

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AKOO's 'Heads of State' exclusive dinner | Official Facebook Page

AKOO’s ‘Heads of State’ exclusive dinner | Official Facebook Page

Last Thursday, AKOO Clothing Brand held their Heads of State dinner to assemble DC’s most influential people. The exclusive dinner was meant to bring the community altogether with plans to give back.

Sponsored by Grey Goose, the event features sounds by DJ D-Nice, hand rolled cigars to add some flair to the event, and some of the district’s finest future moguls such as Big G and Dre the Mayor. Also at the exclusive event is health and wellness expert Caroline Jhingory and AKOO Clothing Brand’s Sabai Burnett.

Other than being a get together of DC’s most influential, the clothing brand also launched their Book of Kings at the Heads of State dinner. The book highlights some of the best in art, fashion and music. You can check out AKOO Clothing Brand’s official Facebook page to see what went down last Thursday.

T.I. Rocks Akoo At The Samsung Galaxy Note II Launch Party!!!

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B.o.B. Is Akoo Clothing Brand’s Newest Ambassador!

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Rapper B.o.B. joins the AKOO Clothing Brand troop as the brand’s newest ambassador. His debut single “Nothin’ On You” was released last year and propelled his talent into the bigger scene. Since then he has collaborated with many stars in the music industry and his partnership with AKOO is opening the door to the fashion world.

B.o.B’s fresh face in the industry has already proven his talent and marketability. His style is effortless and unlike other rappers, B.o.B. has an accessible image. If this were the nineties, he’ll be the perfect guy next door.

And that, is what AKOO Clothing Brand is all about. AKOO keeps things real, and represents what the contemporary generation is all about. Stylish without being snobbish and cool without being somebody else.

Do you think T.I. and the rest of AKOO gang pick the right ambassador?

Hosea Chanchez Flaunts His Custom Akoo Gear

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Look who rocked a custom-designed AKOO Clothing suit at the 2011 BET Awards red carpet and stage back in June. Hosea Chanchez, star of The Game is the new celebrity ambassador of AKOO Clothing stood out of the crowd with his AKOO gear.

Ralph Reynolds, Creative Director of AKOO Clothing stated:

“I am so pleased with the outcome of the suit we designed. Some people say that the clothes makes the man, but in this case, the man and the clothes were in perfect harmony, both feeding off of the other’s strong traits and characteristics. Hosea’s swag and charisma were apparent at the BET Awards red carpet and stage.”

The AKOO suit was designed to be relaxed and versatile to complement Hosea Chanchez’s atheltic posture, yet classic to wow red carpet spectators.

Are you jealous?

Larry King Gets The AKOO Treatment

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Still in the light of TI’s interview with Larry King of CNN, Trapmuzik published Tip’s photos with the talkshow king, and here’s one of our favorites.

Both gentlemen look dashing.  We got a sneaky suspicion that Larry King was given some AKOO stuff, and we were right. reported today that Larry did receive a bunch of AKOO stuff, including a pair of jeans, an AKOO sweater AND… Larry actually used this one immediately:

Image via

It’s the AKOO Trail Pack we talked about a few weeks ago!  Take a closer look:

If it looks cool on Larry King, it will surely look cool on you.  If you’re planning for a summer holiday, this bag could be your travel companion backpacking around Europe or any other exotic places!

AKOO Celebrity Sighting Throwback: TI and Bow Wow

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It’s been awhile since we last saw a celebrity rocking AKOO, and look what we found on our stash today:

Rapper Bow Wow and the King of the South reppin the voters back in the election season and both were looking fine.  The t-shirt was produced by AKOO and it’s the first AKOO t-shirt to be released.  The iconic t-shirt has become a part of US history! The swagger lives on and now you can be a part of history with many other AKOO t-shirts, and here are some of our current favorites available at  They are all on sale, by the way, and your welcome!

AKOO Rugby Union Tucker Tee, was $28, now $17.99

AKOO Hunted Way Tee, was $38, now $17.99

AKOO Blackbriar Tee, was $35, now $20.99

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