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TI Talks To Angie Martinez

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The King of the South is on the roll promoting a lot of things these days.  He has an album coming up, a clothing line -AKOO, that is, which will launch its Fall / Winter 2010 collection soon, and also a major motion picture, “Takers” on the pipeline.  And don’t forget about the secret upcoming wedding!

For a guy who’s just out of prison, TI is very busy, and here’s one of his recent interviews with Angie Martinez on Hot 97 Radio.  Yes, we couldn’t resist putting this up because we know you can never have too much of TI.

TI talked about his new album, the movie Takers, summer jam and much more stuff. But one thing caught our eyes: is that a new AKOO cardigan? Can’t wait for it to drop next season!

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