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TI Ends Beef With Shawty Lo

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T.I. talks about ending his feud with Shawty Lo
by yardie4lifever2

We think it’s one of his steps to redemption before he goes to jail at the end of the month, and we’re glad to know that TI put an end to his beef with rapper Shawty Lo when he invited Shawty onstage as he performs “Big Things Poppin’ (Do It)”.

As he then said in the interview with MTV News:

“See, I’m a grown man.  These situations are not that major for me, you know? It’s always more blown up in the media than it is in my mind.  That’s nothing to me.  I never even considered it to be a big deal to begin with.  So, something like that, I just didn’t do it for publicity.  I’m not doing it for the purposes of taking pictures, and for people online to talk about it and people on TV to talk about it.  As a man, I don’t mean anybody no harm, I wish everybody the best, I aint never been a hater, I congratulate success and I move on and keep doing what I’m doing.”

Finally, it’s over.  There ain’t gonna be no more silly brawls like what happened at the Dirty Awards last year.  We also think this ‘beef’ is overly blown up by media.  Tip also mentioned how the word ‘beef’, like the word ‘swag’, is so loosely used that it ends up being misinterpreted.

Maybe.  But we’re certain that the words AKOO Swagger only have one meaning to us:  they’re way cool.  Check this out.


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