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The King Meets Larry King

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The King of the South, Clifford Harris a.k.a. TI, sat down with CNN’s Larry King last night on his very first interview since being released from his 1 year and 1 day sentence.  As you know, Tip was imprisoned last year under illegal purchase of weapons charges and was released to a halfway house in Atlanta in December 2009 before finally announced as a free man back in March.  Here’s TI opening up to Larry King, divided in 5 parts.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

In case you haven’t noticed, Larry King didn’t use his usual intimidating ‘journo’ style when talking to Tip.  Guess he knew that there’s no messing with Tip when it comes to what’s important in his life: fiancee Tameka “Tiny” Cottle, his kids and Grand Hustle business.

TI talked about his prison time, early career, and basically re-introduced himself to his fans.  The former straight-A student had troubles in his past, but now is a new beginning.  Tip is currently working on his new upcoming abum: “King Uncaged”.

Do you think Tip represented hip hop well in the interview? Share your thoughts!

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One Response to “The King Meets Larry King”

  1. venusthebutterfly Says:

    Yes, I feel that T.l. represented very well, not only Hip Hop but he has continously shown growth. He truly handled his own in a manner that garners the utmost respect that cannot be denied. He was straightforward and honest and firm and for that I have nothing but tremendous love for him. I am so very proud of his growth and accomplishments. I'm very pissed that the school systems here in the metro area are not providing him the the opportunity to share and truly be a POSITIVE influence on these kids. Kids going through some things need to be spoken to by someone that has been through some things and made positive changes. A person in a suit does not represent who they are these days nor what they are experiencing in their daily life. They need the real real that can tell them about the reprecussions of their actions and for those who have or are in a bad place, show them that you can change and come out on top. Hats off to you T.I. I bow to you black man! Keep doing what you do sir. We are, would LOVE to have you in our issue speaking to the youth with your positive message.

    Chloe Castleberry, Senior Writer – Soldierz Magazine