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Top 5 AKOO Gift Ideas!

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The holiday season is upon us, and there’s a smart way to get everybody cool stuff for Christmas without breaking the bank.  Our favorite way to do this is: do the Christmas shopping way early.  Of course it comes with the down size of having to have a secret stashing place so your loved ones won’t find out.  But that’s your problem.  Our job here is to point out some of the coolest stuff from rapper TI’s AKOO Clothing collection.  So here are some cool AKOO fashion items gift ideas because we know nobody will be able to resist their charm.  All items are available to purchase at DrJays.  Check these out:

AKOO Endeaver Tee, was $45, now $35.99

AKOO Driftwood Shorts, was $72, now $29.99

AKOO Retriever Polo, was $69, now $52.99

AKOO Box Call Jean, was $100, now $37.99

AKOO Pheasantville Tee, was $29, now $24.99

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