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TI’s New Mixtape: Gone Til’ November

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TI’s agenda is chock full these days. It’s like he wants to share every single bit of him with the fans before he goes behind bars.  He realizes that he’s gonna be out of the scene for a while, so maybe that was behind his motivation to release a new mixtape with Trap-A-Holics:


Tracks include:

1. Road To Redemption (Intro)
2. Party Ain’t A Party (Trap Exclusive)
3. Just Think (Feat. Nas) (Trap Exclusive)
4. Where I’m From (Trap Exclusive)
5. Goin Way Back (Trap Exclusive)
6. Do It To It (Trap Exclusive)
7. Boo (Feat. 8Ball & MJG) (Trap Exclusive)
8. Feelin’ You
9. Better Than This
10. Mind On My Money
11. Champ Is Here (Feat. Akon)
12. Hero (Feat. Akon)
13. Turnin’ Me On
14. Daydreamin’
15. Just Like Me
16. If I (Feat. Justin Timberlake)
17. Propane
18. Ain’t I (Remix)
19. Swagger Like Us (Feat. Jay-Z, Lil’ Wayne & Kanye West (Live From The Grammys)
20. Gone Til’ November (Outro)

This mixtape is FREE folks.You can download it here.

So there’s your 20 songs to keep you occupied while our boy is away doing his time.

Here’s our AKOO clothing pick of the day to keep you warm Til’ November. TI did a good job with this one…

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