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TI On AKOO And Its Effect On The Ladies

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TI talked about his clothing line in the middle of his AKOO Fall/Winter 2010 collection photoshoot recently and apparently the stuff he talked about in the video weren’t the only things he wants his AKOO fans to know. The photoshoot took place at the Ace Hotel in Manhattan, and there’s a concept behind that. WomensWearDaily reported that TI actually envisioned his clothing line as a way for the boys to get some lovin’… even if it’s a three-way situation.

“We wanted to re-create the scenes and scenarios that a young, distinguished man of leisure would find himself in. I’m not going to say that these clothes will get you two or three women in a hotel room, but men have been known to wear these clothes in that situation.”

Is it hot in here or what? Here are some behind-the-scenes sneak peek of Tip’s photo shoot for AKOO from DrJays:

Check the rest of the pictures over here.

And it’s gonna be even hotter for you, TI fans, because the King of the South will not only be releasing his newest album “King Uncaged”, he will also launch his movie “Takers” this coming August.

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