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TI Is An AKOO Fox!

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It’s almost jail time for TI and he appears to be almost everywhere.  We’re glad that he’s making tons of public appearances because we want to get as much TI as we can before he leaves for jail and we’ll be stuck with 366 days (that’s a whole year plus one day) without the King of The South.  Tip was seen yesterday at Audi’s TDI Clean Diesel Technology dinner at the Audi Forum in New York City with Jay Z and he’s lookin’ foxier than ever.


Again Tip donned another never-been-seen before AKOO sweater and we’re not really sure if you know this, but the touches of orange in the AKOO collection is inspired by the color of the fox.  And there’s apparently a little story -if not haiku- about the AKOO Fox.  Found in their official AKOO Facebook page, here’s the short story about the AKOO Fox.

“Once upon a time there was a young fox… a young fox prince named Akoo traveling down a heavily wooded road. Now even though Akoo was a prince he was still very wild and unlearned in the ways of the more mature and crafty foxes…”

Is that the real philosophy behind the AKOO brand?  Probably.  All we know today is the day of the foxes.  So here are the AKOO foxes collection!


AKOO “Young One” Tee, $26.99


AKOO Snobby Fame Tee in Black, $34.00


AKOO Snobby Infamous Tee in Brown, $39.00


AKOO Snobby Infamous Tee in Olive, $39.00

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One Response to “TI Is An AKOO Fox!”

  1. rochelle carter Says:

    akoo is really hot!!!!!! my son and boyfriend really go crazy for all the sweaters,pants shirts,etc.But whats up with some shoes and boots