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TI Ended Prison Sentence: Welcome Back, The King!

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We still remember this exact time last year, where we are in full anticipation of TI’s incarceration. Things were tensed, gloomy and every inch of TI’s moves are monitored to see how he handles the 1 year and 1 day imprisonment.

But this year, thank goodness, Tip is in a totally different light. He officially ended the one year prison sentence last Friday after being released from the halfway house in mid February. Tip’s attorney, Steve Saddow stated:

“T.I. is sincerely grateful that he has completed his prison sentence successfully. He looks forward to doing the same thing while under probation. His [emotional] change started the day he was arrested and continues. He has made tremendous progress and is grateful for the opportunity to prove himself.”

Looks like Grand Hustle will have its leader back on the throne. Are you excited to see what’s coming up? We are, and AKOO has a couple of new stuff too.

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