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The King Is Back: TI Talks About AKOO

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Yes, the King of The South is indeed back, not only via his music, he also talks about his clothing line, AKOO.  In an interview with MTV, TI revealed his plans for AKOO:

“The direction of the clothing line, in my eyes, is upscale urban apparel. I just wanna continue to diversify. Continue to grow. Continue to speak to the cool kids of America. That’s my idealistic outcome.”

MTV caught Tip in the middle of his exclusive photo shoot for his upcoming Fall 2010 collection with guest, Donnis. He also highlighted what’s to come from the brand:

“It’s all gonna be comfortable. Everything is gonna be comfortable, casual. To me, we got V-neck tees, crew-neck tees, wovens. Denim is a big part of the lines. We actually pride ourselves on the quality of our denim, especially at the price point we at. We got fleece. We got a lot of imagery, distinctive imagery on our pieces, that sets us apart from everything else going on out there.”

Here he is talking about AKOO:

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