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Some Family Time For TI

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We’re glad to tell y’all that TI’s finally seen with his family before his incarceration.  Dude has been so busy touring and collaborating with fellow rap stars that we rarely see him spend his last days as a free man with wifey-to-be, Tiny, and the kids.  But finally The King of The South spent some quality time with his baby mamas, Tameka “Tiny” Cottle and (surprise surprise) Lashon Dixon, on his children’s birthdays; Zonnique, 13 and Domani, 8.  Zonnique is Tiny’s daughter, while Domani is Tip’s offspring with Lashon.


Looks like Zonnique will soon be a heartbreaker and Domani shares his dad’s good looks.  We’re amazed at how much alike Zonnique and Tiny look like!

The happy event was held at the Cascade Family Skating Rink.  Fly celebrity guests include Usher, Yng Joc, Soulja Boy, Young Dro, Killer Mike and many more.

Speaking of fly, TI looked fly in a white jacket with colored accents.  If you’re feelin’ TI’s jacket, maybe you’ll like this one from his AKOO clothing line:


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23 Responses to “Some Family Time For TI”

  1. Nay Thompson Says:

    TI I salute you as a man, father, rapper, producer, activist,etc. You we be missed while your gone but im sure with all your hard work people will think you never left. Nobody wants to go to jail but hopefully it goes fast and you have alot of support. I’m feeling the clothing line. But to end this my brothers and I are currently trying to lauch our production/label here in Pittsburgh.We know your leaving but hopefully when you return we can do some business together look out for RAW Entertainment. Stay up TIP

  2. Native pride Says:

    true dat true dat goooooooo t.i i'm miss u sooooo much nt just me bt everybody dat luv u and ur family and i know u can make soooooooo don't never give up we won't give up on u soooooo don't give up on us !!!!!!!!!!!

  3. kully Says:

    wats up ti

  4. AMANDA Says:


  5. kassie Says:

    yes my man is fine

  6. kassie Says:

    hell ay baby u so fine darn baby i got that good

  7. tinkerbell Says:

    dang man t.i is mii hubby fo life.i really luhv him

  8. Smiley hiiiiiiiiiiii Says:

    no it iz honey he don't lyk white azz lyk u and babbyyyyy white ass and u need 2 leav him alone cuz ur prbly ugly as hell and ur dirty lil slut cuz i know u r soooooooooo don't be trying 2 hit it cuz ur nt going 2 u know why cuz he wit me and he lykz me and me friend cuz he said we r pretty den ur ugly azz u f*** b**** i bet u dat u wear freaken glass and ur hair prbly hav lices and ur skin prbly NASTY i bet u dat u stink and u prbly wear skinny jeanz and t.i is't lyk dat sooooooooo back off u ugly b****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(=

  9. NYA Says:

    u to rude unlike u ti HAS HOME TRAINING

  10. kimmy Says:

    ti aint none of yall manz so all yall need to grow up and stop arguing over a married man dat dont want none of yall he wit tiny…..

  11. Shanice McCool Says:

    t.i looks soooooooooooo fine and sexyy i would hit dat hard and fast i would let him f me sooooooooooooooo hard in my azz and i would suck him off good and take nasty pics 4 him soooooooo he can jack off 2 dem

  12. kimmy Says:

    yo nasty ass need to sit down…i cant imagin how you look…..talkin da way you talkin yu probaly loose and ti dnt want you wit yo nasty hot asss= bad way…..go wash yo ass

  13. A. Baby Says:

    who eva shanice is needa shut yo nastey whorish ass up talkin like det. smiley right you prolly is a nasty bitch

  14. esha Says:

    I love this pic because t.i look so gud and at most he lookin gud with his family i wish Yall the best and im all biggest fan. LOVE YALL and t.i keep up with that gud talk because these rappers really not popin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. amethyst Says:

    These Are So Ugly
    What kind Of A Name is Akoo !
    Yoo Kouldn't Think Of Nuthin Better Than that

  16. Rashun Says:

    Zonnique sexy…. (no perv, I'm the same age as her)

  17. Young Maz Says:

    Hey What up T.I ! It's Really That Everybody Missed you not only in America but even In Africa Specially Morocco We really Would like to make Big Concert in Morocco Specially Meknes after U get outta Jail Inchaalah !!!!
    Peace Everybody

  18. A.cutie Says:

    hhahaa yah girls fuune! all you girls needa grow up and relize t.i don’t want non ov yall. he feeln’ tiny. she ku, they seem happy tagetha!!!!wish ya both tha best for both of ya.

  19. Keven Tretter Says:

    Hi I conscionable dropped by and wanted to say you to have a Merry Xmas. Let all your wishes make get real for you and your family and lets wish the next year be prosperous for all us. Merry Christmastime

  20. NYA Says:

    smiley hiiiiiiiiii u r so rude UN LIKE U TI HAS HOME TRAINING

  21. jada Says:

    I zonnique you soooooooooo pretty in ur bro

  22. jada Says:

    that pic iz so cute

  23. renita Says:

    hii t.i bby