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Rihanna and TI… Part 2

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We seriously don’t get why people get panicked and all bubbled up all of the sudden.  As we reported back in April, there were rumors that TI was the booty caller that caused the stir between (now) famous exes: Rihanna and Chris Brown.  Apparently ta similar gossip has risen again, this time Star magazine wrote:

“Rihanna just can’t escape man troubles! She’s so over Chris Brown, and has already dumped her rebound rapper, Drake.

Now, says a source, she’s turned her attention to rapper T.I. – too bad he’s taken!

‘Rihanna was sending him flirty texts,’ says the source. His finace, Tameka ‘Tiny’ Cottle, saw them, ‘And she went nuts!’ Tiny told Rihanna to back off.”

We don’t want to believe this at all.  But we’ll keep our radars on.  Meanwhile, remember that t-shirt worn by TI?  It was the first AKOO t-shirt to be released: Respect My Vote T-shirt.  The white version is still available at DrJays and we think you should get ’em ‘coz they have some kind of historic mark.


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  1. pamelkaaabbyxx Says:

    Rihanna's such a hoe!