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Must-Buy: AKOO Snob Tee

Author: Albert Costill  //  Category: Akoo Clothing

If you’re back in school, then there’s no shame in showing your classmates that you’re a man with discerning taste. By discerning taste, we mean enjoying the finer things in life. And, if that makes people label you as a snob, so be it. At least you’ll proudly front it with AKOO’s Snob Tee.

This crewneck tee is available in either red or black and features the Akoo logo printed up front. Gotta love the mascot’s snobby and indifferent look. It says that it doesn’t have time for games and nonsense. Definitely makes a statement. Best of all? You can show off this tee for a mere $39.00. Grab yours HERE.


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