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Coming Soon: The Book of Kings

Author: Albert Costill  //  Category: Akoo Clothing

We’re not exactly sure what the scoop is with AKOO’s upcoming “Book of Kings” project, but we’re definitely excited. If you weren’t paying attention, AKOO Clothing announced the project back on August 26th with an image that featured T.I., Joel ’40oz Van’ Fuller and Pharrell Williams.

There weren’t any other details except that Vol. 1 of the “Book of Kings” will drop soon, which probably means sooner than later. A couple of days later, AKOO released a behind-the-scenes pic with Pharrell. And, it’s been silent ever since, except for some other behind-the-scenes shots. Hopefully, it won’t be that much longer before we find out what this collaboration is all about.

Make sure that you follow AKOO Clothing for the latest updates on the publication, set to debut Fall 2013.

Images via AKOO Clothing Brand / Facebook

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