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Bring It On: It’s AKOO Hoody Time!

Author: Albert Costill  //  Category: Akoo Clothing


We’re still trying to get over the fact that summer is over. If the calendar wasn’t the giveaway, then the weather certainly has been. We don’t know how it’s been your way, but it’s getting a little bit on the chilly side in the Northeast.
We’re not complaining though. Football season is here. And, more importantly, there’s some fresh AKOO gear on the way.

If you’re friends with the brand of follow AKOO on Twitter, then you know that they’ve been teasing the Fall 2 for a couple of weeks now. While the upcoming pieces look promising, we’re stoked about the hoodies that are on the way. We only got a glimpse of the black hoody, but it looks like that there’s a tiger print going on as well. You know what we’re saying about this? Bring it on!

Image via AKOO Clothing Brand/Facebook

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