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Akoo Clothing Sightings Denim Jeans, T-shirts, and Polo

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Akoo clothing line is nearing its launch and more and more clothing is showing up everywhere…but not for sale. Check out the pictures below:

akoo sweaters

akoo sweaters

akoo button up

akoo button up

Akoo Hunting Black/Red

Akoo Hunting Black/Red

J Geter Holding Akoo Denim

J Geter Holding Akoo Denim

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23 Responses to “Akoo Clothing Sightings Denim Jeans, T-shirts, and Polo”

  1. messiah Says:

    What’s the sales rep contact info

  2. Tonio Says:

    Were can i purchase Akoo Clothing online or in store?

  3. sly_neva_stikk Says:

    yo…………that shit’s tight son…will it be out overseas or do we have to order em??

  4. Amy Says:

    Where I can I buy the akoo merchandise….. looking more specifically for the military shirt T.I. wears in What ever you like

  5. chris cheshire Says:

    tahs tight

  6. annalie Says:

    where can buy his clothes?

  7. admin Says:

    balboa, manhattan and other better stores worldwide..soon to be Drjays online

  8. Jesse Says:

    When is this Akoo Clothing Ganna Be Put Out To Buy……………

  9. Jesse Says:

    When is this clothing line ganna come out to buy i wanna get sum of this thread fo me man

  10. James Says:

    what stores sells Akoo clothing in Illinois

  11. omar hill Says:

    how can i buy whole sale from yall im small bussiness in miami

  12. Ricky Tyree Says:

    I'm hosting a big fashion show, and wantedto know who would I haveto get in contact with to get yourline apart of my show?

  13. keyerrah Says:

    I miss you t.i im a big fan you fimnally out now you can drop a big hit and get back on top

  14. I.M. Foreman Says:

    Saw a story about that billboard in Newark, NJ. The message it sends suggests young men will get oral sex if they buy your jeans and that there is nothing negative for young girls to pull down jeans with their faces very close to that other person's genitals. So you can't sell your jeans any other way except this way to young people and teens? (Yes, you sell jeans in teen-ager's sizes). Would you want to have your daughters and sons or granddauighters and grandsons see that billboard everyday?

  15. m. parker Says:

    Saw a picture of your add on a New Jersey billboard. Sick. I would never buy any of your jeans for my family if that is the image you want to portray.

  16. lisa hill Says:


  17. concerned_american Says:

    i find the billboard in newark as evidence of poor judgement on several peoples part. please don't do that again.

  18. Terri Says:

    I wouldn't buy one thread from you due to the billboard in NJ. What kind of skank are you seling to

  19. Greg Says:

    Your billboard ad in Newark NJ is disgusting! Just what we need… an ad showing a chick ready to suck a dick! You can't even SEE the jeans. I hope NO ONE buys your crap! But I can see who your audiance is by the comments that they posted. They don't even write or speak good English. Garbage in, Garbage out!

  20. Robert Says:

    Your billboard showing the woman on her knees pulling down or on the guys jeans is sick….. I will not buy any more of your products again.

  21. steve Says:

    i think your billboard that got pulled down was great but next time she should be doin it for real! morons.

  22. LCD Fernseher günstig Says:

    Wow that is an very crazy article . I like your website. Maybe you should write more articles of these type.

  23. Eric Key Says:

    Hi,I’m trying to get the sales rep info. so I can see about getting some stuff for my store,Thanks In Advance,Eric.