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AKOO Celebrity Sighting Throwback: TI and Bow Wow

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It’s been awhile since we last saw a celebrity rocking AKOO, and look what we found on our stash today:

Rapper Bow Wow and the King of the South reppin the voters back in the election season and both were looking fine.  The t-shirt was produced by AKOO and it’s the first AKOO t-shirt to be released.  The iconic t-shirt has become a part of US history! The swagger lives on and now you can be a part of history with many other AKOO t-shirts, and here are some of our current favorites available at  They are all on sale, by the way, and your welcome!

AKOO Rugby Union Tucker Tee, was $28, now $17.99

AKOO Hunted Way Tee, was $38, now $17.99

AKOO Blackbriar Tee, was $35, now $20.99

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