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New AKOO Gear: Limited Edition G-Shock Chronograph!

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Who’s up for a limited edition AKOO G-Shock Chronograph watch?  You gotta beat us to get one because there will only be one thousand, we repeat, one thousand pieces of them produced.

TI’s AKOO Clothing line collaborated with G-Shock watches to create a limited signature chronograph. The AKOO X G-Shock watch will be available in one colorway which represents AKOO’s corporate colors: Purple -which represents royalty, Gold – which represents power and White – which represents purity. It’s absolutely awesome, just take a look:

Even the packaging is really cool.  Tip must be so proud.

Jason Geter, AKOO co-founder and Grand Hustle CEO is also proud.  He stated:

“We’re excited about the opportunity to collaborate with G-Shock. The AKOO edition is an extension to their consistent track record. We can’t wait for our AKOO family and customers to get their hands on it.”

The AKOO X G-Shock Chronograph will be available in stores at March 15th, 2010 and will retail for $180.00.  Save up, people, this watch is really something you don’t wanna miss.  Remember, there will only be 1000 pieces of them.  Be a part of history!

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5 Responses to “New AKOO Gear: Limited Edition G-Shock Chronograph!”

  1. Anthony Says:

    Where Can I buy one at when it comes out? can i order it?

  2. BORN Says:

    Thats a raw ass watch, I mean exclusive watch, Is there anyway I could pre-order it just so I'm one of the first to get it and don't miss the chance to rock one.

  3. Anthony Parker Says:

    I like the Akoo G-shock watch, I really think it would be hot to have the watch in different colors other than purple.Although I still will own the Akoo G-shock not because its a G-shock but because I think T.I is one of the realist or down to earth artist their is in the industries,plus I like the Akoo clothing line. I would have loved to be appart of the crew who designs the Akoo clothes and designs. T.I come on home,the radio waves need you, a friend and fan in Portsmouth,Va. P.S.- Thier is alot of talent here,be strong thats what we need in a role model! Anthony Parker.

  4. deuce0nino Says:

    where can u buy the watch?

  5. Tero Says:

    Just found out about the watch. Are there any left?