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Major AKOO Contest For Father’s Day!

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Let us tell you who TI probably misses the most now that’s he’s away in jail.  Beware, you might just fall in love in an instant.


It’s TI’s youngest son, baby Major!  The cute one looked so happy in his first birthday back in May -although his Dad isn’t around *sob*.  This brings us to the coming Father’s Day.  As you know, DrJays carries TI’s AKOO Clothing Line, and to honor the men of the families they’re rolling out a major contest.  All you gotta do is send an e-mail to DrJays and tell them why your Dad is the King of your life.  Click on the picture for the full detail.


Oh by the way, before we end this post, it’s affirmative that Tiny has started shooting for her reality show even before anyone has heard about it.  Here’s something we found at Major’s birthday party:


We expect to see the fun party on the show, Tiny!

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2 Responses to “Major AKOO Contest For Father’s Day!”

  1. Tiny's Goes To Arkansas To Visit TI | TI's Akoo Clothing Line Says:

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  2. camisha Says:

    o.m.g that baby is so so hamsum he`s reallly cute he looks like Tiny and TI