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Interesting Mix In The AKOO Fall ’09 Lineup!

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It’s almost frustrating waiting for the newest collection of AKOO Clothing, and just as we were about to hit rock bottom, a ray of light shines through and voila, coming up this fall, you can expect to pull a Tip in this patent jacket.

AKOO Fall 09 Jacket

…or if you’re more into colors, great news for you because AKOO is coming up with an awesome striped-orange cardigan.  You know, get that preppy look going.

AKOO Fall 09 Striped Tee

Okay, wait.  Is that an AKOO cap?  It turned out that AKOO won’t be just releasing ONE kind of AKOO cap.  In fact they have quite a collection ready.

AKOO Fall 09 Hats

We’ll keep our radars on for more.

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2 Responses to “Interesting Mix In The AKOO Fall ’09 Lineup!”

  1. AlfonzoWil$on Says:

    Where Can I Find The Akoo Hat With The Fox On The Front?

  2. AlfonzoWil$on Says:

    Where Can I Find The Hat With The Akoo Man On The Front?