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Holiday 2 Knit Pom Beanie Hats

Author: Frankie Calcana  //  Category: Akoo Clothing, akoo clothing news

akoo knit pom beanie hats

Akoo Clothing Brand is packing some serious heat for the cold months ahead with their upcoming Holiday 2 delivery. Take for example this preview of their knit pom beanie hats on their official Facebook page to be released along with other dope pieces from the Holiday 2 collection. These knitted pom beanies with embroidered puppy design are playful and snug and are definitely a far cry from the Blocka Flat skullies that were released a few weeks ago.

You should definitely grab a piece of these knit pom beanie hats and pair it with an equally dope shirt like this Weaker crewneck sweatshirt.

There are no words yet on the release specifics of the collection, but we will definitely give you the deets once these pieces are unveiled.

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