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Downtown Jacket: A Denim and Fleece Mash Up

Author: Frankie Calcana  //  Category: Akoo Clothing, akoo clothing news

Downtown Jacket

With the current blizzard hitting our streets because of the brutally cold polar vortex, it is nice to know that there are hoodies and sweaters on our wardrobe that we can wear in these crazy low temperatures. But if you are looking for something that will keep you warm but also not too bulky, the Downtown Jacket from AKOO Clothing should suit you well. The outerwear is an intelligent mash up of two of our favorite fabrics: denim and fleece. This jean jacket and hoodie has a denim body and fleece sleeves and hood to keep you toasty yet still comfortable in this viciously icy weather. The jacket is now available at the AKOO Clothing webstore.  Get a piece of this outerwear and pair it with this cool blizzard-inspired Snow Fight tee also from AKOO Clothing to keep you stylish during the cold weather.


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