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Bring TI Back To The South! Akoo Salutes The KING

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May is the month for AKOO Clothing’s “Salute the King, Bring TI Back to the South” campaign. This month the brand will launch a viral video campaign where celebrity friends and fans of TI have an opportunity to record a 15 second video testimonial to TI personally and have TI respond to them.

This campaign is as awesome as it gets because it invites the public to have an opportunity to be up close and personal by giving them a positive and creative outlet to express their love and appreciation for TI.

Another news: AKOO will release its brand calendar with female pin-ups wearing AKOO during holiday 2011.

Now THAT is something to look forward to!

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3 Responses to “Bring TI Back To The South! Akoo Salutes The KING”

  1. Austine Says:

    I love your songs

  2. Bruce Says:

    You sing very well

  3. Elliott Brown Says:

    Ayee wats happen my name is Elliott Brown AKA GQ, the reason why they call me GQ is because im always dressed so well and I stay fresh. I really like your clothing line Akoo it gives off a sense of confidence to those who wear it. My mom always told me when u dress good u feel good, and that is why akoo because what ever people put on they look good, so nice job with the line partner