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As Seen On TI: New AKOO Shirts

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We’ve been telling you that rapper / celebrity designer TI has been teasing his fans with some of his new AKOO swagger collection.  Some of you won’t believe it, so we came up with a game called: As Seen On TI.  Yes people, your job is to guess where and when TI wore these AKOO shirts.


TI wore the AKOO Salute Shirt in Brown ($79) and good news for you, they are now available for purchase!  Now, do you remember where TI rocked it?  Hint: it’s an event for ANOTHER celebrity clothing line.

Next up we have…


TI was first spotted wearing the AKOO Crown Polo Shirt ($68), on the streets of Hollywood, accompanying his friend who’s made him a guest star in an upcoming reality show.  Hint:  she’s a comedienne.

We’ll come back to you with more As Seen On TI later.  Meanwhile, let us remind you that those cool AKOO shirts above are available for purchase.

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3 Responses to “As Seen On TI: New AKOO Shirts”

  1. Micah Says:

    i really like akoo jeans they are very nice

  2. Queenita Says:

    I think they cool 2. I will also like 2 say t.i is so hot my friend like him

  3. Marcia Says:

    Really like Jake’s T-shirt, that’s rlelay cool. I’ve actually brought quite a few myself – excellent lines.Thanks!