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AKOO Newest Collection Available NOW!

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Yes people, for you TI fans everywhere, we finally got our hands on the newest AKOO Collection by rapper TI.  They’re available online and we bet you’ll love ’em all.  We’ve said before that TI added some colors to the newest AKOO Clothing collection, and here are the most colorful t-shirts we really really like:


AKOO Snobby Infamous Tee, $39.00

Maybe you’re already familiar with the AKOO Snobby Fame Tee which came in black and white version, but we tell ya, we love the bold orange on this AKOO Snobby Infamous Tee.  We didn’t expect ‘orange’ from TI, but now that we see it, we’re lovin’ it.


AKOO Full Arsenal Tee, $44.00

The AKOO Full Arsenal Tee is your basic AKOO white shirt with an eye-catching graphics, again with a touch of flaming orange.  Combine this with your best AKOO jeans and hoodie, and you’ll be the man with the swagga.


AKOO Grand Stamp Tee, $46.00

The AKOO Grand Stamp tee comes in 2 colors: black and flaming orange.  We think they’re just right to welcome the sunny summer!

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