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T.I.’s Video Premiere: Dead And Gone

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After a successful pilot episode of Tip’s reality show “Road to Redemption” the rapper followed up with a new video for his latest single “Dead and Gone”.

T.I. dedicated this track to the  late Philant Johnson, his assistant and close friend,  who was killed in 2006 after an altercation at a Cincinnati nightclub which forced Tip to re-evaluate his life thus emerging as a well-reknowned artist. R ‘n’ B singer Justin Timberlake also shares his vocals over the video.


The video features T.I. driving while Justin Timberlake takes the piano at a lonely crossroads in the desert. A very insightful scene as our man T.I. also faces the crossroads of his life right now as he has been charged with federal gun law charges late last year and is sentenced to prison for one year and one day, to be served starting in March.

Throughout the video, T.I. illustrates how one’s life can change with a single mistake, and that we should appreciate the life given to us before it is too late as depicted in the last scene of the video: a shot of Johnson’s grave.

“Dead and Gone” is the followup to the previously shelved video “Swing Ya Rag” which had trademark issues with Gucci and Louis Vuitton.

Dead and Gone is directed by Chris Robinson and is taken from his sixth studio album “Paper Trail”  T.I. also has hit the top of the charts with hits like Whatever You Like and a collaboration with singer Rihanna for Live Your Life.

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