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Hosea Chanchez Flaunts His Custom Akoo Gear

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Look who rocked a custom-designed AKOO Clothing suit at the 2011 BET Awards red carpet and stage back in June. Hosea Chanchez, star of The Game is the new celebrity ambassador of AKOO Clothing stood out of the crowd with his AKOO gear.

Ralph Reynolds, Creative Director of AKOO Clothing stated:

“I am so pleased with the outcome of the suit we designed. Some people say that the clothes makes the man, but in this case, the man and the clothes were in perfect harmony, both feeding off of the other’s strong traits and characteristics. Hosea’s swag and charisma were apparent at the BET Awards red carpet and stage.”

The AKOO suit was designed to be relaxed and versatile to complement Hosea Chanchez’s atheltic posture, yet classic to wow red carpet spectators.

Are you jealous?

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