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AKOO Presents Howard University Homecoming Brunch

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AKOO's 'Howard University Homecoming' brunch | Official Facebook Page

AKOO’s ‘Howard University Homecoming’ brunch | Official Facebook Page

After last Thursday’s Heads of State dinner, AKOO Clothing Brand teamed up with DC’s finest for another get together last Sunday. This time, the urban clothing line presented Howard University’s Homecoming brunch at Barcode in Washington, DC.

According on the university’s website, the Howard University Homecoming “is a celebration of the institution’s rich legacy and the surrounding community that serves as the backbone of its achievement, future, and promise.” As the Capstone of African-American higher education, the university’s homecoming event is undoubtedly one of the largest and most profitable collegiate celebrations in the world.

A lot of people have definitely gone down to the party. Check them all out at AKOO Clothing Brand’s official Facebook page.

Aki Libo-on

Aki Libo-on

Web Content Writer at Alpha Brand Media
Aki Libo-on is the Web Content Writer for Alpha Brand Media. When not working, she is always on the hunt for good food and good places to dine in, which is chronicled on her personal food blog.

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